The battle with FastTech


Many of the main Chinese companies such as Kanger, Innokin, and Joyetech are implementing a number of features to ensure their products are not ripped off by FastTech.

FastTech are a company that has caused the electronic cigarette industry many issue. The main one is they are getting other factories located in Malaysia to create  very poor quality clones of the more popular brands such as Kanger ProTanks, Innokin’s high end products, and Joyetechs eVic.

Clones are a good thing, they allow people who normally can’t afford to purchase the more expensive authentic product, however, when the quality of the clone is below B grade, then it’s not worth the cost of the packaging it comes in, in fact the packaging probably costs more than the actual unit.

There’s not much you can do once you have purchased your inferior clone, but you can still use it, just know that it wont last as long as the authentic stuff.

A lot of vendors around the world are also using this company to order their stocks and reselling them, so be weary of the company who is selling quality products at basement prices.

Kanger and Innokin have both incorporated security seals on their products, these security seals have a serial number under a scratchable surface, much like an instant lottery ticket, you then use this number on the manufacturer’s website to confirm it is authentic.

At the moment, if a product doesn’t have the seal, this doesn’t mean it could be a rip off, it could just be the vendor has excess stock on their shelves before the seals were implemented.

If ordering from FastTech, you should accept that you will be getting a clone of C or even F grade, in other words, total crap, a reason for why people are starting to call them CrapTech.

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