Leaks – Is My Tank Leaking?

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A lot of people confuse a flooded atomiser with a leaking tank. In 99% of all cases, when a tank is leaking juice into the battery and causing the dreaded gurgling noise, this is a flooded tank, not a leaking tank.

There is one easy way to determine if you have a leak, or if you are flooding the atomiser.

If juice is leaking into the battery connection, then you have flooded your tank. The tank is not faulty or broken. This happens when the user sucks on the clearomiser too hard, this causes too much juice to be drawn onto the atomiser coil than it can vaporise, and of course, the excess juice only has one of two places to go.

The more common is onto the battery connector at the bottom of the clearomiser, which will also cause a gurgling noise each time you suck on the clearomiser, or the other place it will go, is into your mouth.

If juice is on your battery terminal, this can also stop the battery from powering the clearomiser because propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine do not conduct electricity very well.

If juice is leaking from the outside of the tank (usually from the base) then look for small cracks, if there are cracks, then yes, this is a leaking tank.

Some juices, such as menthol, cinnamon, ripe banana, peach, and others if mixed at high concentrations will cause a tank to crack or melt, so be sure if you are using a juice that can cause this problem to use a glass tank instead, that’s the reason they were developed, specifically for these types of juices.


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