Flooding – Why Tanks Can Flood


One of the most common problems people have when using an ecig, is the dreaded flooding.

There can be a number of reason for why a tank floods, but the most common is due to a too tight of a draw (limited airflow).

If you have your tank setup to have very limited airflow, you are going to cause a flood. The reason behind this, is because when you have limited airflow, it causes pressure to build up in the tank and you eventually pull the juice through the tank, the juice only has one place to go, that is on your coil.

Once the juice is on your coil, it only has one place to go, and that is through the bottom of the atomiser, which then gets caught in your battery well, and then causes the very annoying gurgle!

So be sure to check your airflow, too tight and you will get the floods.

Another, more common reason for bottom coil atomisers such as the Kanger ProTank and T3S is due to juice transference to the center shaft. When you unscrew your coil from the ProTank or T3S, you’ll notice there is a small amount of juice on the coil shaft, if you do not dry this juice from this shaft, you will transfer that juice into the airflow shaft and it will eventually work it’s way down to the battery well.

Hopefully this will help you to eliminate the floods.

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