E-Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes


E-Liquid provides a flavorful taste for the person who wants something different from a smoking experience. If you want versatility and the ability to change up the experience as often as your moods change, electronic cigarette flavors are the perfect addition to your e cigarette use.

These flavors come in two distinctly different options as either a pre-filled flavoured cartridge, or in the form of e –liquid, which is a flavored liquid that can be put into a refill cartridge sold empty for this purpose. With either option there are a wide variety of flavors available that ensure you can choose one for every mood or situation.

E-Liquid Juice

Known by several names including e-liquid is a flavored nicotine or non-nicotine solution sold in liquid form. This liquid can then be put into empty refill cartridges and may be used just like any other refill in an electronic cigarette. This is the most versatile form of choosing electronic cigarette flavors because they can be blended to create a customized flavor. Additionally a user can put in only the amount of e-liquid they may wish to use for a specific period of time. Say for example that a person wishes to use only a cherry flavour for one day, but then wants to switch to menthol. This is is easy to do when using an e- liquid system. Using e- liquid allows users to produce personalized flavors that make using electronic cigarette devices even more enjoyable. Because cartridges last long periods of time, having multiple custom flavor refills is a great way to meet flavor needs throughout the day. Do you like a vanilla coffee drink in the morning but don’t want the calories? You can blend e-liquid to mimic this flavor and blend your morning cigarette and drink in one experience.

Flavored Cartridge Refills

Every electronic cigarette is comprised of several parts that work together to create the simulated smoking experience. One of these parts is the cartridge, which contains the actual nicotine (though, in some instances this can be ordered without nicotine) solution that is made into the smoke-replicating water vapor. This e-liquid solution can be flavored to closely resemble the taste of traditional tobacco, but can also have special flavourings that give a whole different taste. A flavored electronic cigarette cartridge refill functions the exact same as other refills, with the only exception being the added, non-tobacco flavoring. These can be chosen as part of your starter kit, or as additional purchases meant to broaden your assortment of options.

Each cartridge is prefilled with the desired nicotine level and is equal to approximately one pack of traditional cigarettes. However packs of 5 refill cartridges carry an average cost of only one pack of traditional cigarettes. This means that each cartridge, whether it has a rich, traditional tobacco flavor meant to resemble the taste enjoyed during use of a traditional tobacco cigarette, or a fun and fruity splash of cherry flavor, saves you tremendous amounts of money. For the money that you would generally spend purchasing one pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes, you will be able to “smoke” the equivalent of five, making that money last five times longer.

The potential savings over the course of one year can be hundreds of dollars. One other way to share the cost and even add a further “social “ dimension to your electronic cigarette use is to make the experience fun. If you have friends or family that also use electronic cigarettes, each of you can purchase a different flavor, or groups of flavors and trade them, allowing each of you to experiment with flavors and to mix and match, or choose a favorite.

E-Liquid Flavors

The e-liquid flavors offered varies by company, with some only offering a few options and others providing a great selection of different flavors and combinations. Often companies will offer special pricing or refill specials at certain times of the year. For example they may offer a Holiday “menthol” special during the heat of the summer. So if you keep checking back here to our site you will find special offers for refills and new flavor products. Keep in mind that new flavors are always being developed. However for now, here are some of the most popular e-liquid flavor categories.


Fun Combinations to Try

Adding customizable e-liquid flavor to your electronic cigarettes is an ideal way to get the most out of your simulated smoking experience. If you are unsure how to start blending, consider trying a few of these mixes that combine two or more flavors to create delicious, and familiar, custom E-Juice.

Combine Apple and Cinnamon to create an apple pie. Add a couple of drops of Vanilla and you have made it a la mode.
Cheesecake and Strawberry make a sweet, dessert-like treat. Also try Cherry, Raspberry and Blueberry to personalize your “slice of cake”.
Blending Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla creates a complex coffee house beverage-like flavor.
For a fun seasonal taste, combine Chocolate and Mint.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so be a little creative with Waffle, Strawberry,

Vanilla and Coffee.
Start a trend and avoid the risks of alcohol by blending up your favorite drink in a smooth electronic puff. Perhaps Bourbon and Cola, a Pineapple and Coconut Pina colada, or Red Wine, Orange, Raspberry, and Apple for an exotic “sip” of Sangria.
Finish up your day with a banana split created with Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Cherry and Pineapple.
Be totally fashionable with trendy e-liquid flavor combinations like Beer and Chocolate or Pomegranate and Tea.
Imagine your favorite dessert, beverage or smoothie. What are the main flavors in that favorite? Blend them up and enjoy a luscious draw.

The Upside Of Flavor

Using either e-liquid or electronic cigarette cartridges allows you to mix and match flavors, get fancy and enjoy your delicious creations. It takes your experience of smoking electronic cigarettes to a whole new level of customization and enjoyment.

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