E-Juice – How And What they do


E-juice or E-liquids are a fascinating new addition to the smoking industry. They are based around electronic cigarettes, so it is important to know what those are first. Electronic cigarettes, or E-cig, are small devices that are operated by batteries and they essentially help you inhale doses of nicotine. The way that this mechanism works is that it dispenses vaporized chemicals like Propylene glycol. With these different vapors, there are a lot of different flavors and fragrances to choose from. There are fruity flavors to choose from, as well as the traditional tobacco smoke flavors. The main difference of e-cigarettes it that they don’t actually put out any smoke or combustion because of the vaporized solutions that are emitted.

This comes to the discussion about what an e-liquid is. E-liquids is the nicotine solution that is used in an electronic cigarette. This liquid contains the propylene glycol where flavors can be added and inhaled. Propylene glycol is actually FDA approved and is a safe substance. It is the addition of nicotine and other mixtures that create the smoking vapor.

There are two main types of E-liquid currently in production. They can easily be categorized into the imported liquids and the American made liquids. The American made E-liquid formulas are usually found in small childproof bottles.

The way that you use this liquid is you open the bottle, take out the protective covering, and insert it into your e-cigarette. You should remember to always place the lid back on, just in case you have kids or pets around. American made e-liquids have propylene glycol base and also include other ingredients such as lemon, distilled water, nicotine, vinegar, and more.

The other type of E-liquid is usually manufactured in China. This imported e-liquid is very similar to the stuff made in America but with a few differences. The main difference is that imported liquids have the choice between two different bases. You can either get the normal propylene glycol base or a vegetable glycerine base. The Vegetable concoction is made primarily from palm and coconut.

This vegetable base has natural sweeteners and also some lubricating features. It is commonly known as a healthier substitute to the typical propylene glycol mixture.

Pricing for each of these kinds of E-liquids differs with each company that provides it. Currently, the vegetable based liquids are a bit harder to come by and are a little bit more expensive.

If you decide to invest in these items then the best thing to do is to get online and do some research and get different price quotes on packages. You are sure to find a decent deal, and a company that is reliable and easy to work with.

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