Drip Tips – Which Is Better


Drip Tips. There are so many of them, they come in all the different colours of the rainbow, they come in all different shapes and sizes, and they are made from various types of material.

So why are there so many?

The drip tip was originally created for the cartomiser, the cartomiser is a small pre-filled 1ml tank that has what is known as a 510 diameter hole at the top, you could use the supplied rubber pad attached to these small tanks, or you could use a 510 drip tip.

The idea was once your tank was empty, you could drip liquid straight down the tip to refill it, hence the name drip tip.

Today, drip tips can be placed on various larger tanks such as rebuildable atomisers (RBA), rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDA), and more recently ProTanks.

Drip Tips are not just to make your atomiser or clearomiser look good, they also have proven to modify the taste of your juice. This reaction happens when you draw up the vapor through the tip, some materials will have an affect that is for the better, while others will have an affect for the worst.

Stainless Steel, these drip tips are easy to keep clean, don’t modify the flavour much, but they are cold in the cooler months, and they have caused sore throats with some people.

Delrin, these are a hard plastic type tip, the porous nature of these tips make them difficult to keep clean, as well as hold onto flavour between puffs.

Acrylic, these are cheap nasty type tips, as long as you wash these before use, they are fine, however, because of the material used, they have a massive affect on the taste of your juice.

Ceramic, these are the best overall tips to use, they do not hold flavour, making them the perfect tip when changing your juice, they are easy to clean, and they do not get hot or cold.

Our recommendation is to use ceramic drip tips where possible, however, at the end of the day, it’s more a personal preference and you should always keep your drip tips clean.

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