Developing A Flavour – The Basics


When you are thinking about creating a new flavour, you should give it a lot of thought, the more thought you give it, the greater the chances of making a flavour that will be tasty.

You should choose the ingredients to be used according to their function in the flavour. Heart, Modifiers, and Blenders or Fixatives.

You should define your objective for your flavour then build it step by step, by adding an ingredient using the function below.

Most problems when creating a flavour come from using too many ingredients that compete for attention, so focus and create it slowly.

The heart is the main taste you want your flavour to have, you build this flavour with ingredients that taste of the basic flavour. A strawberry tasting ingredient in a strawberry flavour, or a coffee smelling flavour in a coffee flavour.

These are ingredients added to decorate the flavour, add style, naturalness, freshness, diffusion. Decorating for a flavour like a banana note in a banana sunday, a fresh green note in a apple.

These are ingredients added to blend the contrasting Heart and Modifier notes, to round or smooth off, to harmonise. Blenders act like a bridge or glue, connecting and holding different type of notes together.

These are ingredients added for completion, to fix the flavour, giving depth, substance and background.

Using this guide, you should be able to come up with a great tasting flavour, you may not hit on it your first try, but I know if you sit and put some thought into it, you’ll be creating flavours that taste out of this world in no time.

And remember, as always, KEEP NOTES!

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